We solemnly promise to achieve the following achievements for customer
  • Greatly enhance the home page brand awareness and fans interaction
  • Find accurate users in Facebook, improve social traffic conversion
  • Giveaway of marketing type website, and bring effective traffic for the website
  • Optimize the advertising process and save advertising expenses

Effect is primary, monthly payment

Looking for customers in Facebook: fast! accurate! steady!
  • Fast propagation

    Facebook have 1 billion 860 million monthly active users in the world.The user is large in amount, high activity, strong interaction, and love spread video, pictures and words in the Facebook. we can use the ways of social intercourse such as comments,likes or sharing to promote the corporate brand and product quickly.
  • orientate exactly

    Facebook is a strong relationship in the real name system social platform, we can forwardly make precise positioning to find quality customer according to the user's age, gender, occupation, hobbies, habits, countries, industries and purchase records by huge data.
  • keep steady

    Facebook commerce page is the best way for commercial brand of social promotion, we not only make long-term interaction with fans or customer in the Facebook page home,but also can build store module to improve order conversion and customer stickiness,and therefore we can establish long-term stable cooperative relations with customers.
Fulllinker advantage

Service advantage

Facebook brand store promotion and traffic conversion.
Operation assistance through licensed mail marketing(EDM multiple precision marketing).
Fulllinker professional R&D team,visual design team,marketing planning team,overseas optimization team are highly cooperative to guarantee the effect.

Cost advantage

Quick start,monthly fee,check performance objectives quarterly,submit data report monthly,faster results and the promotion effect is more controllable.
The cost is only equivalent to 1/2 of the salary of an extension marketer.
Fulllinker marketing foreign trade online shop system use rights for one year(but must be to pay 3 months at the same time).
Free to participate in Fulllinker Facebook marketing expert training camp(but must be to pay 6 months at the same time).
Free opening Facebook enterprise advertising account.

Order conversion advantage

Fulllinker professional operations team can significantly enhance Facebook natural veiws that not only can improve the seller's overseas marketing capabilities,but also can lighten seller's marketing pressure to a certain extent,and reduce the seller's cost of acquiring customers.In addition,we can improve enterprise product,brand awareness and influence to help sellers to establish long-term and lasting business relationship with target customers.
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